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Suggested replacement: Buyers Salt Dogg Electric Salt Spreader Spinner Motor 3016309, RM46R-82F-100, 1053110

Application: BUYERS 1400601SS, 1400701SS ADDL INFO: 2.5 - 4.5 CUBIC YARD CONVEYOR SALT SPREADERS 92440SSA (New style), 92441SSA, 9035100, 9035101, 5535000, 1400701SS, 1400601SS


HP: 0.5

Volt: 12VDC

Rotation: reversable

OD: 117mm

Shaft OD: 19mm

Length: 271mm RP43022124

Shaft hole: 8mm


Buyers Salt Dogg Spinner 92440SSA Motor 3016309

SKU: RP10973
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