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Suggested replacement: Lennox Condenser Fan Blower Motor: 60L2201, 60L22 

Emerson Motor K55HXHGB-8639, K55HXDUD-1245, K55HXHGB8639, US Motor LX7920,  K055EYA7554011H, K055HGB8639011J, K55DUD-1245, K55EYA-7554

Emerson Motor:   K55HXHGB-K55HxhGB-, LX7920, K055EYA7554011H, G18C


HP: 1/2 hp

RPM: 1075

Speed: 05-Speed

Volt: 115V

Amp: 8.0 amps

Frame: 48Y

Shaft: 1/2" x 3.8"

Lead: 43"

Rotation: CW Shaft End or CCWLE

5.6" Diameter RACLX7920

Motor case length 5.312"

Sleeve Bearings

Flex three mount

7.5 MFD capacitor (Optional)


Lennox Motor 60L2201 K55HXHGB-8639 LX7920

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