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Specs :

3722021-13 2 Speed

Description :

3722021-13 PF-50-2N22C 2 Speed
Motor A.O.Smith 7-187098-02 230VAC RPM 3450/1725 Amp: 16.4/4.8

The Executive 56 Frame Spa Pump has an executive wet end designed for 56-Frame motors along with two double-shielded ball bearings.
Spa Pump Features:

Executive wet end designed specifically for 56-frame motors
Two double shielded ball bearings with moisture resistant grease for quieter operation and longer life
Two speed motors have four sets of insulated windings for increased efficiency
56-frame motor for added strength, cooler operating temperature, and longer motor life
Larger 2-1/2" intake for improved flow performance and reduced noise
Large 6-1/2" diameter wet end for higher head pressure

waterway 5hp motor

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