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Motors from overseas the same in all respects?

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Q: We're looking at a choice between buying some motors from overseas, mostly made in China, advertised as meeting NEMA, CSA standards, versus a North American brand or domestic source. We're assured that frame size dimensions and all the electrical performance will be within Canadian standards. Is there anything else to be concerned about?

A: Two possibilities - heating curves (time versus current) that determine the electrical protection requirements: and some mechanical parts, such as fasteners, may match metric standards, and there may be some differences in bearings. While these are not operating concerns, they will affect maintenance, Warranty and repairs. Further, to maintain the cost copper wire gage is reduced into half. Accordingly, the life span of motor is also reduced. Most of the times, electrical motors do not carry UL or Canadian electrical approved standard. In the event of electrical damage Insurance might not cover the property.

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