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Description :

Motor numbers: NU 18-30-2/1769, 18/65W, NUT6B18PUN301, EC-16W115
Features: Cord: 21"/23" lead length with #10 ring studs, 3-3/4" Bolt circle for front shroud, tapped rear 3 hole 2-7/8" bolt circle, 1 side mount

16 Watts
1/47 HP
115 Volts
1.0 Amps
1550 RPM
4 Pole
Shaded Pole
CW Rotation opposite shaft end
Shaft Length-5/8"- from face of motor to fan blade surface mounting
3 Year Warranty
Included: Nuts, Screws, and fan blade adapter.

Cross Reference:(Requires the Euro bracket for adaption EC-EUBKT01 ) NET1T16PNN301 NET2T16PUA301 NET2T16PUA302 NET2T16PUN301 NET2T16PUN303 NET2T16PUN304 NET2T16PUR301 NET3T16PUN301 NET3T16PUN302 NET3T16PUN303 NET3T16PUN304 NET3T16PUS302 NET3T16PUS303 NET3U16PUS301 NET3U16PUS302 NET3U16PUS303 NET3U18PNN901 NET3U18PNN902 NET3U18PNN903 NET4T16PNN301 NET4T16PUN301 NET4T18NNN301 NET4T18PNN001 NET4T18PNN301 NET4T18PNN302 NET4U16NNN301 NET7T18PNN901 NET9T18PNN301 NET9U18PNN301 NET9U18PNN302 NET9U18PNN303 NET9U18PNN304 NET9U18PNN305 NET9U18PNN901
Cross Reference:(Does NOT Require the Euro bracket)NEV3T16PUN301 NEV4T18PNN301 NUT6B16PUN301 NUT6B16PUN302 NUT6T18PNN301
Motor numbers: NU 18-30-2/1769, 18/65W, NUT6B18PUN301, EC-16W115

Elco N series motors are shaded pole motors with rated output power from 5 to 34 Watt, 4 pole, single-speed, aluminium or thermoplastic end shields, sleeve or ball bearings.

Elco Refrigeration Motor NUT6B18PUN301