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PS-200 U.S. Seal Shaft Seal Assembly



  • 5/8" Shaft
  • Premium Seal
  • Buna / Graphitic Plastic SS with Ceramic Seat
  • Industry Standard for General Pool and Spa Applications
  • Not Recommended in Pools or Spas with Ozonators, Bromine or Chlorine Generators. Systems with Ozonators, Bromine or Chlorine Generators use PS-3867.

PS-200 (General Service), PS-3960 (Carbon Upgrade), PS-3867 (Ozone / Salt Service)
PS-1901 (SCS Series), VG-200 (Value Guard)


Also Replaces:

U.S. Seal VG-200 Value, U.S. Seal PS-3960 Spas, U.S. Seal PS-3867 Salt / Ozone

U.S. Seal PS-1901 Silicone Carbide, Aqua-Flo 92500151, Aqua-Flo 92500150

Arneson A-8, Astral Pool Series 1800, Baker Hydro 35B1178, Doughboy 306-1006

Hayward SPX1250XZ2, Hayward SPX2700SA, Jacuzzi 10-0002-06, Jacuzzi 10-1436-00

Jacuzzi 10-0002-06, Pentair 354545, Speck Pump 2920060603, Speck Pump 60603-200

Sta-Rite 17304-0100, Sta-Rite 354545S, Gecko Xp2 series spa pump seal

Hayward Pool Gecko pump U.S. Seal PS-200 Seal

SKU: PS200
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