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Suggested replacement:  Starter motor Kubota DENSO 228000-9800, 2280009800, 9722809-980, KUBOTA T1150-16800, T1150-16801, T115016800, T115016801


OEM(s): Denso, Kubota
Family: Denso RA
Voltage: 12
Power: 1.4kW / 1.88HP
Condition: New
Rotation: CW
Starter Type: OSGR
Number of Teeth: 8
Gear OD: 1.295in / 32.9mm
Mtg Ear 1 Hole: 11.0mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear 2 Hole: 11.0mm Unthreaded



Kubota Tractor - Compact V2403, 
L3540GST Kubota D1803-M-E2 37HP Dsl   2007-2008
L3540HST Kubota D1803-M-E2 37HP Dsl   2007-2008
L3540HSTC Kubota D1803-M-E2 37HP Dsl  2007-2008
L3830DT-F Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl   2003-2010
L3830DT-R Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl   2003-2010
L3830F-F Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl   2003-2010
L3830F-R Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl   2003-2010
L3830GST-F Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl   2003-2010
L3830GST-R Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl  2003-2010
L3830HST-F Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl  2003-2010
L3830HST-R Kubota D1803ME 39HP Dsl   2003-2010

Kubota MX5400DTC-C, L4701H 2014 - 2022

Kubota loader backhoe M62, L39, L45

Kubota STV32 Engine D1803

Kubota Tractor D1803 Starter T1150-16800 Denso 228000-9800

SKU: RS19161
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