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Specs :

TM-0061N22C3 230 volt

Description :

Tiny Might Details:

230 Volts, 60Hz
1" Thread Connections (measures 1-7/8" O.D. on threads) or 1/2" pipe (13/16" O.D. pipe) can be glued directly into wet end.
Wet end can easily be rotated for Left or Right Side Discharge, or can be used as shipped (with discharge pointing up).
Designed for 24 hour circulation. Uses less power than a 100 watt light bulb. .80Amps.
Model Number:TM-0061N22C3
Pump unions and pump cord are not included.

Product notes: .4 amps, 220-240 volts, 60Hz. 19 GPM @ 10 PSI. 1/16HP. Other part numbers associated with this unit: 300-9020, 3312620-14, 331262014, 3312620-1470, TM-0061N22C3

Tiny Might circulation motor

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