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How to Detect and Prevent FASCO Inducer Motor Bearing Failures: A Service Notice for HVAC Technicians

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Fasco Furnace Motor

Because of an increase in warranty returns of the subject Inducer Motors, warranty return motors were analyzed. Working with the vendor (FASCO), it was discovered that most of the failures were related to bearing fatigue. Affected Inducer Motors fall within a date range of March 2012 (MC0112 date code) through September 2012 (MK3012 date code).

Fasco induction furnace motor
FASCO motor bearing failure

  • Inducer Motor Affected: S1-32642583000, Fasco 70581293

  • Models Affected: 33″95+ Gas Furnaces – Single Stage and Modulating Furnaces

  • Replacement Inducer Motor Part Number: S1-32647781000

FASCO Date Code Example: Determining if your Inducer Motor is affected

FASCO date codes are read as follows:


  • M = Mexico

  • E = Month – May;

  • 12 = Day of Month

  • 14 = Year – 2016

Remaining 5 Digits make up the remainder of the Inducer Motor Serial Number

Please reference YS-010-15 on your warranty claim. Please contact York dealer or your HVAC distributor.

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