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Hayward Pool pump leak - How to fix

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The most frequent pump leaks are from the shaft seal assembly.

The pump shaft seal is located where the motor shaft goes into the pump. Shaft seals will wear over time and generally need to be replaced every 2-3 years. Improper water chemistry or extended run times will cause shaft seals to wear out more quickly.

What are the signs of a shaft seal leak?

A shaft seal leak is usually noticed as water on the ground under the pump. On many pumps the motor shaft is visible and leaks will be visually evident. On other pumps (Such as Hayward pool pumps) you cannot see the motor shaft without taking the pump apart. In this case you will often see water puddled around the pump but not be able to see the source of the water.

How do I fix a shaft seal leak?

Shaft seals are replaceable by Motor repair or service centers. Call us at 519-748-6488 for further advice.

Volute Gasket Leaks

All pumps have a place where the two main halves of the pump connect together. All pumps have an o-ring or gasket at this meeting point. Over time this gasket can leak. If you get a leak here the o-ring or gasket will need to be replaced.

If you develop a pump leak it pays to fix it early. Pool pump leaks can often damage the motor if they are left leaking for too long. It is much less expensive to fix leaks before they destroy the motor.

Broken Pump Parts

On rare occasion a plastic part of a pump will crack and water will leak out. If this happens, the broken part of the pump has to be replaced.

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