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Why 1 HP Hayward Pool Motor has different amps?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Is it normal to have a 1hp hayward pool motor to have different amp rating? The simple answer is yes. It might be confusing to consumers but we have seen alot. Consumers and Pool oweners shop around for price of a 1HP motor. They end up buying the wrong motor from Amazon or at online stores.

Now, let see why we say wrong. For motor to function properly Volt and Amp draw are important factors. If you have a 1HP, 230V 9.3Amp motor and replace it with a 1HP, 230V 7.5amp, the new motor will under perform. There is about 2amp difference in the motor. The lower amp motor will keep on working and eventually trip the breaker. The motor case will get hot too. So, be aware of the rating before shopping around. If need help, call us - Reconit Electric.

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