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Hayward inground pool variable speed motor VSP and Single speed. Energy Savings.

Updated: May 10

When a variable speed motor (VSP) is replaced with a single speed motor

Hayward pool pumps are very popular in the inground and above ground pool enviornment. There were single and double speed motors. However, lately Variable speed motor or VSP motors have slowly taken over that market.

What is a variable speed motor or VSP? It's basicaly an electronicaly controlled motor along with a timer setting. The speed can be programed based on the time of the day to save energy. The life span of the motor is around 6-7 years. Here is the catch: The price between single speed and VSP is a three fold. Not cheap. Repairs are challanging due to non availablity of major internal components. So, work according to your budget.

Energy savings comparision chart for VSP Pool motor

hayward pool motor energy effeciant savings
Hayward pool motor single speed vs variable speed vsp

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