Specs :

Century #7-182568-20

Description :

5 HP SPL 3450 RPM, 15.0 amps 230V 60hz
Open Drip Proof - Ball Bearings - Service Factor 1.0
Non-Reversible - CCW Rotation facing the shaft
P56 Frame; NEMA 56 Frame - Flat Rigid base mount
Shaft: 5/8" diameter x 1 7/8"

This replacement compressor motor is commonly used on the small "home/shop" air compressors. The motor is designed to be used with a belt driven compressor. Not to be used where the motor is part of the compressor head. 56 Frame motor has a standard 3" x 5" bolt mounting pattern. Horsepower is designated as SPL. Not to be used where the mount is a pivot type mount.
Overall motor length 12.59";

Compressor Motor