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Suggested replacement:  Starter Mitsubishi M008T71671, M8T71671, Kubota 1G772-63011, 1G77263011, 1C010-63010, 1C010-63011, 1C010-63012, 1C010-63013, 1G772-63010, 1G772-63011, 1G772-63012, 77700-02594, KEARS 1C010, LRS03849, LRS04064, MITSUBISHI M008T70971, M8T70971, M8T70975, M8T71672


Application:  Volvo compact excavator D2.6, Genie, Kubota M9000DTMC, V3800, Thomas Equipment 245


Volt: 12

Power: 2.5Kw

Teeth: 09

Rotation: CW


Kubota Tractor V3800 Starter Mitsubishi M008T71671

SKU: RS18398
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