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Suggested replacement:  Madimack inverflow pro Variable Speed (VS) pool pump motor model 400.


Madimack P/N: Eco F400

Country of Origin:  Australia

Pump:  Inground

Power: 220 - 240 Volts

Max Running amps: 3.3 Amps

HP Rating: 1.4HP

Speed: Variable 

Connections: 2"

Flow Rate: 92 GPM

Qmax: 52 ft

Hmax 26Ft: 79 GPM

Note: Programming done right on pump - No app


Delivering A New Standard In Innovation & Efficiency For Pool Pumps

4 Times for daily operation

Running capacity from 30% to 100%

Active Energy Monitor


Madimack’s advanced InverMAC technology optimises the efficiencies of your pool pump. It combines full inverter technology, permanent magnet synchronous motors and DC brushless motor with intelligent operation. Additional benefits include the reduction of operation noise by more than 30x. Providing an almost silent experience. In comparison to basic pool pumps, the InverFLOW performs up to 90% better in energy efficiencies.


Product Features:

  • Energy ratings regulator classified the InverFLOW Pool Pump Series as one Australia’s most efficient performers.
  • Adaptive Flow Technology Intuitively adjusted flow rates to match capacity needs, providing significant energy savings, plus reduced wear and tear of your pool system.
  • Advanced Interface Real time, active, energy monitor and soft start.
  • Brushless motor guarantees less noise, higher efficiency and stronger durability.
  • Full Inverter Technology – Set the speed you need for your pool and save energy with full variable speed from 30% to 100% control.
  • Pressure sensor senses head pressure of in the plumbing circuit and can adjust waterflow accordingly.
  • Flow sensor: measures current waterflow.
  • Backwash notification when the pressure is too high, through the Wi-Fi application that comes with every water pump.
  • Water sensor for reduced priming saving more energy.
  • Intuitive Touch display.
  • Timers for additional control.
  • Onboard Energy Monitoring.
  • Quad external control options: RS485 modbus, Analog input, digital input, relay output.
  • PDRS Ready (Peak Demand Reduction)
  • Enhanced product features to keep your pool water crystal clear & healthy, including automatically maintained filtration requirements inline with pool usage.
  • Technological advancements designed to increase the life and performance of your total pool system.
  • Perfect pairing with Madimack’s Pool Heaters, automatically balancing the optimal flow rates for both pump and heater using Madimack’s Quick Connect Technology. Dramatically reducing the wear and tear on your pool system.



Madimack Inverflow Pro VS Pool pump motor 400

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