Specs :

Stator Coil 398-818535A17

Description :

Description: Stator
OEM(s): Mercury Marine
Voltage: 12
Amp: 16
Condition: New, 340-22057
Lam Stack ID: 3.858in / 98mm
Lam Stack OD: 6.693in / 170mm
Lam Stack Thickness: 1.138in / 28.9mm
Number of Leads: 6
Application: Mercury Marine Applications

398-818535A17, 398-818535A18, 398-9710A11, 398-9710A12, 398-9710A15, 398-9710A17, 398-9710A18, 398-9710A22, 398-9710A23, 398-9710A25, 398-9710A28, 398-9710A30, 398-9710A31, 398-9710A33, 398-9710A34, 398-9710A35, 398-9710A36, 398-9710A38, 398-9710A39, 398-9710A43, 398-9710A45, 398-9710A46, 398-9710A47, 398-9710A48, 398-9710A49, 398-9783A32, 398-9783A35, 398-9783A38, 398-9873A17, 398-9873A24, 398-9873A25, 398-9873A29, 398-9873A33, 398-9873A9.

Mercury Marine 398-9873A24

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