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Specs :

70-125HP Marine

Description :

CDI 174-8778K 1 Mercury Stator 398-8778A6 398-8778A10 398-8778A16 398-818535A3 398-818535A5
749095 F749095, 340-22062

Mercury 9 Amp Stator, 2, 3, and 4 Cylinder Stator
Fits Mercury 70-90 HP engines from 1987-1989
Fits Mercury 40 HP 4 cylinder engines from 1989-1991
Fits Mercury 90 HP engines from 1987-1992
Fits Mercury 90 HP 3 cylinder engines from 1993
Fits Mercury 100 HP engines from 1988-1996
Fits Mercury 115 HP engines from 1989-1993
Fits Mercury 125 HP 4 cylinder engines from 1994-1996
Do not use with flywheels having bolted-in place magnets
Compatible with voltage regulator or rectifier
Replaces Mercury 398-8778A6, 398-8778A10, 398-8778A16, 398-8778A17, 398-8778A18, 398-8778A21, 398-8778A22, 398-8778A23, 398-8778A24, 398-8778A25, 398-8778A26, 398-8778A27, 398-8778A28, 398-8778A29, 398-818535A3, 398-818535A5, 398-818535A8, 398-818535A9, 398-818535A10, 398-818535A13, 398-818535A14, 398-818535A15, 749095, and F749095

Mercury stator 398818535

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