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Suggested replacement:  Warner PTO electric Clutch 5219-117, 5219117, John deere AM138730

Application:  Lawn Tractor, Lawn Mower


Function: Clutch/Brake

Volt: 12

Rotation: CCW

Rated Torque (lb-ft): 125

Current Draw (Amps): 4.23

Resistance (Ohms):  2.84

Connection Type:  10.75 in long wires

Pulley/Flange OD (in):  5.7"

Weight (lbs): 10.9



  • ExmarkQT22KA421, Serial No. 920,000 and higher, QTE651KA421, Serial No. 313,000 and higher, and QTS691KA422, Serial No. 313,000 and higher
  • ToroTimeCutter MX4260, Serial No. 312000001-312999999, TimeCutter SS 3200S, Serial No. 312000001-312999999, TimeCutter Z4200, Serial No. 310000001-310999999, TimeCutter Z4202, Serial No. 310000001-310999999, TimeCutter Z4235 and Z4235-SS, Serial No. 310000001-312999999, TimeCutter ZS 3200, Serial No. 311000001-312999999, TimeCutter ZS4200, SS4200S and SS4200TF, Serial No. 311000001-312999999, XLS 380, Serial No. 311000001-312999999, and XLS 420T, Serial No. 311000001-312999999
  • Country ClipperJazee and Jazee II, 2004-2005, Jazee SR100, Jazee SR105, Jazee SR200, 2006, Jazee SR205, 2007-2008, Jazee SR210, 2009, Jazee SR215, 2010, Jazee SR220, 2011, Jazee SR300 and Jazee SR350, 2006, Jazee SR355, 2007-2008, Jazee SR360, 2009, Jazee SR365, 2010, Jazee SR370, 2011, Jazee ST110, Trek All, Wrangler, 2011 and Zeton Brat
  • John DeereZ225, Z425, Z445 and Z465 EZTrak Serial No. 100001 and higher


Warner PTO Electric Clutch 5219-117 Johndeere AM138730

SKU: RX0533
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