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Why Amazon does not warranty HVAC motors

People buy HVAC motors such as furnace draft induction motor, Blower motor, ECM motors etc from amazon canada or USA. When shopping for a product don't base your decesion soley on price. Look for quality, returns and warranty.

Here is the Amazon seller North America HVAC say " We apologize, but we offer no warranties with any of our products. Our suppliers will honor warranties only when parts are installed by a Licensed HVAC or Appliance Technicians employed by a reputable HVAC or Appliance Contractor. Great pricing is one of the advantages of online purchasing, that’s most likely why you’re here. The same parts purchased through a HVAC or Appliance Contractor cost as much as three or four times what you can find online. Those higher HVAC and Appliance Contractor part prices have the warranties built into them. When you purchase the part online for a fraction of the cost and when a qualified HVAC or Appliance Tech is not installing the part then the warranty options are simply not available."
January 17 2018

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15 de abr.

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